Welcome to our Wave Specials !


Our Wave Specials are just all about waves, wavesailing, surfing, how to behave right and safe in the impact zones, the right trim of gear for all sort of different conditions, wave - wind combinations and jumping of course, no matter if high, long, forward or backward


You don´t need to be top athlete to take part at our Wave Specials

A safe waterstart, safe planing in both footstraps on low volume boards and one more or less secure manouver per tack is the required level to do the first steps in waves, all the rest will be taught by us  



Safety first. The main obstacle is mostly mentally 


What happens if i get caught by a wave and get washed hard ?

what if i lose my gear inbetween waves ?

How should i even get out through the impact zone ?

How can i pass a shorebreak without risking to destroy gear or body ?

How can i see currents and do i have to behave in case i get into one ? 



Don´t worry. We will show and teach you exactly how to behave in all those situations and to do so we won´t start in monster waves and over sharp reefs, we got the right spots for you instead to learn fearless, but still offer some decent, beautiful waves to ride




Wave Camp stands for more than only Windsurfing in Waves. We use all sort of conditions, every minute to get out and play and learn and more than ideal are some light wind sessions, to get out on high volume boards, SUPs or Wind SUPs and surfboards. There´s no easier way to discover how waves work, how they roll in, where and how they break, in which sections you´ll find more and where less power, learn how to read the ocean, the swell and the waves.

It´s the opportunity to get used to the moving mountains with slow speed, which helps to adapt to the wave speed and get connected to the waves at first.



You´ve always wanted to learn how to ride waves, improve your timing, get in the air ? we got the right Camps and Spots for you :