Level - find the Camp that fits you best


You are uncertain if your actual Windsurf Level would be good enough to join our Camps ?

Don´t worry, we got Camps for any Level  !!


You can check here to find a little overview of what we do, more information to the Camps and the Level required for each Camp :




You have passed beginner status successfully and now it´s time to go on and learn your first Beach and Waterstarts, get into planing and completely hooked ...>>>



Planing using the footstraps, waterstart and carving your Board is what you have already learned but still got some issues to fully control your gear at any time and you feel you are still wasting too much energy when on the Board plus you would like to sail with more ease on upwind and downwind reaches ...>>>


very Advanced

You feel home on Funboards, waterstart is no problem at all, Carve Jibes and planing Jibe variations, Chop Hops and Jumps is what you do or what you are about to learn ...>>>


Pro Level

Your are one of the lucky ones spending lots of time on the water and your main interest is New School or Old School Freestyle, getting into Waves, improving your Waverides and learn air rotations ...>>>