The Jump and Freestyle Camps are for the more ambitious Windsurfers

It is all about Chop Hopshighlong and rotationjumps

but also about every kind of Old School or New School Freestyle Moves


Learn how to Jump correctly, how to get the fin out of the water the right and easy way, which will also be the basics for all sort of rotation / Freestyle Jumps, to not start all over again with every Move you start to train


Speed and Body positioning are essential for a nice take off, that´s way we will always check your planing and stance to get you to maximum boardspeed and control, without wasting your energy


The Basics for just any Freestyle Moves, Carving and New School Jumps, is learned and trained ideally at lighter winds and on high volume boards and with smaller sail sizes. It is sort of Slow Motion training to create a bit more time to feel and understand while having lots of fun and getting new ideas of what else might be possible in the near future of your Windsurfers life



Our Camps for the very advanced :