What is the Windsurflabor Clinics ?


The Windsurflabor Clinics is a worldwide Windsurf Clinic Tour for just anybody, with professional coaching, and has been created in 2004 at the Island of Coche in Venezuela. A place with perfect Conditions to improve your Windsurfing.


Super Flatwater and perfectly constant winds, warm temperatures and crystal blue water made Windsurfing as easy as in a Laboratory.

The name Windsurflabor(atory) was created easily in those Conditions.

Since than the Windsurflabor Clinics, now also known as Fanatic & DUOTONE (North Sails) Windsurf Clinic Pro Tour, is growing with more and more Intermediate, Wave and Freestyle Clinics and Events each year, with more and more beautiful and perfect Windsurf Destinations and participants from all over the world.