Our Improve your skills Camps are the all and around Camps, just for anybody who wants to improve his personal Windsurf Level


Those who just did their first steps on a Windsurfer, learned how to start, tack and jibe and finally wants to get onto smaller Boards, get into planing (this is where the addiction starts) and plane into the first full speed manouvers, will find themselves perfectly placed in these Camps


At our Improve your skills Camps we teach just anything from Beach - Waterstart, planing using the footstraps, more ergonomic Windsurfing, planing on all different reaches, first planing manouvers like Carve Jibes and Fast Tacks, Jibe variations


To learn the right way and not waste most of the time doing the same mistakes over and over again, we teach the essentials things from zero, the better the basics the faster and the easier the learning process throughout the rest of your windsurfers career, doesn´t matter if it´s about the right body position on all reaches, correct and effortless starts or just understanding how body, board, sail and nature should work together as one unit.


There are many ways to improve all this and not only on a Windsurfer, so there will be plenty to do even during the light wind days


The Spots we´ve chosen for these kind of Camps got a big variety of different conditions in offer, so there should be the right playground for anybody



Our Camps for Intermediates :