You feel well flying over the water, carving into your manouvers fully planing, than our Carve and Ride Camps fit you perfectly


Carve means that we mainly get our Board clean and controlled on the rail, speeding into our Manouvers with the correct balance of body, board, rigg and the right commitment 


Ride stands for planing at comfortable to maximum speed to enter Manouvers with more ease and confidence, get to a cleaner and safer Boardcontrol on all reaches without losing the plane.

Learn how to use bodyweight and body tension efficiently to release pressure and force from arms and shoulders, this power might be needed during some manouvers, even if the goal will always be to let the wind do most of the work, while you use your energy just to place the gear and your body correctly


We don´t only train on the water. It is absolutely crucial to split manouvers in little pieces, steps and learn, feel, understand those steps before you get out to play and train, that´s the fastest and easiest way to increase your level in short time

Learn the correct sequence and steps with specific excercises for each manouver.


At our Carve and Ride Camps Lanzarote and Fuerteventura you can also make your first steps in Waves, get your first waverides in and learn all safety topics to enjoy riding mountains of water


Our Camps for the advanced Carver :